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At NMFA, we pride ourselves in developing programs and resources that directly meet needs of military families, like yours. Through surveys like this one, we get valuable information about how you use resources, like our mobile app, MyMilitaryLife, and how we can make them better fit your military life. Would you take a minute and tell us what you think? Whether you use the app regularly, or you’re hearing about it for the very first time – we welcome your feedback!

By giving 5 minutes of your time, you’ll enter yourself to win one of four $50 gift cards!

Take our survey and give us your opinion!

MyMilitaryLife App: The PCS “Holy Grail” Tool You Should be Using!

When it comes to a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), there is always another question needing an answer.


Luckily, with our MyMilitaryLife app, you get easy answers and resources wherever you find yourself. Plus, you see what other spouses are saying about their experiences, and even add your own thoughts within the app (goodbye Facebook groups!). With just a few taps, you can join the conversation and constantly be in the loop.

Simply download MyMilitaryLife, for your Android or Apple device, create a profile to get local and personalized information, and start navigating the Life Paths you are interested in! It’s that easy!

Still not convinced it’s that easy?! Check this out:

You received new orders, but you don’t know where to start with your PCS. And you’re not quite sure what the necessary items are to take with you. Start with this checklist. Each content item gives you a brief description and points you in the right direction.

Need to ship your car somewhere? We are all hoping for that smooth privately owned vehicle (POV) shipment, but MyMilitaryLife takes it a step further and has your back, in case anything goes wrong. You no longer need to look for the right contact information. It’s all in here!


What goes in our moving budget? Money, money, money…you want to make sure you have everything covered. What if you arrived at your new duty station before your personal property…hmmm…what to do? Check out the Loan Closet.


Where to live? Buy or rent? MyMilitaryLife puts the right resources in the palm of your hand. What about your career? Looking for new employment opportunities? The app connects you to the right organizations.


How can you prepare your children for the new school? Eliminate some of the pressure by contacting the School Liaison Officer. And what about the steps you should complete for health care? We took the guesswork out for the things you need to update.



MyMilitaryLife can even help with the little details, like moving with your 4-legged, furry ‘children,’ and even has tips to help your human children have a better PCS experience!


Don’t forget to share this awesome tool with your friends! It is the only military spouse mobile platform where spouses from everywhere can interact and get quick access to resources! Add your thoughts and keep the conversation going! With MyMilitaryLife, hectic PCS’s will be a thing of the past!

Happy moving!

Have you used MyMilitaryLife to help with a PCS? Tell us about your experience!

marlisPosted by Marlis Perez Rivera, MyMilitaryLife Program Manager

Taking Risks: “You can’t learn how to fly, unless you fly.”

shadow-of-womanDr. Regina Dugan was the first female Director at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and is now Vice President of Engineering and leader of the Advanced Technology and Projects  group at Google.

In 2012, during a TED talk, Dr. Dugan asked, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

She said, “If you really ask yourself this question, you can’t help but feel uncomfortable. Because when you ask it, you begin to understand how the fear of failure constrains you, how it keeps us from attempting great things…The path to truly new, never-been-done-before things always has failure along the way…We cannot both fear failure and make amazing new things.”

This has been a guiding principle for me since I heard her talk.

What would I do if I knew I would not fail?

Here’s an example: what would I do to support military families if I knew I would not fail? I’m happy to report that the answer is – exactly what I’m doing now. I’m leading our Association in the development of a new communication tool using a mobile app, called MyMilitaryLife.

To be honest, the don’t-be-afraid-to-fail mentality is part of the National Military Family Association personality. As an Association, we’ve done truly new, never-been-done-things.

Our Association is a built on a foundation started by women in the ‘60’s. In the 80’s, we convinced Congress to pass a bill to benefit military families living in an area no one had constituents – overseas. More recently, our advocacy organization started a summer camp program, fondly known as Operation Purple Camps. We changed the way we think about military spouse education through our innovative scholarship program.

Looking back, we would have never been able to send nearly 50,000 military kids to camp if we were constrained by fear. We would have never been able to risk investing $2.5 million in military spouses to advance their education if we were afraid to try new things. And we would have never been able to harness the power of technology to make our military families’ lives easier if we didn’t attempt the next great thing.

Is it scary? You betcha.

Is it risky? Yep.

Did we have failures along the way? Sure. It is part of the learning process. Regina Dugan explained, “you can’t learn how to fly, unless you fly.”

But is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

michellePosted by Michelle Joyner, Mobile Initiatives Director

Your Military Move Just Got Easier With the MyMilitaryLife App!

moving-vanAs a military spouse, you knew this day was coming. We all have our own rituals when those orders arrive. No matter how many times you PCS, it still looks like a chaotic process.

Where to start? Overseas move, kids, pets, jobs, schools, housing, shipping your stuff, making a budget for the move, and TRICARE? It can be overwhelming, but our experts have done their homework and put the resources you need in the palm of your hand.

The Moving Life Path in the MyMilitayLife app has answers to questions you never thought to ask. From the moment you receive orders to the time after arriving at your new destination, the app can walk you through the entire process.

Gone are the hours spent scrolling through hundreds of Google links. MyMilitaryLife app gives you the answers you know you can trust. Plus, share advice and get advice from others along the way!

Beyond answering your questions, MyMilitaryLife app helps you make the right decisions regarding the type of move that is best for your family. It also helps you consider the differences between living on or off your installation. You will find valuable information regarding moving your vehicles, registering to vote, and finding employment opportunities. If you are moving overseas, MyMilitaryLife gears you in the right direction, as well.

When your orders arrive, get excited about your new location and have your smart phone handy. Last, but not least, remember to share this wonderful resource with your military friends and family!

Download MyMilitaryLife App today and let us know what you think!

Marlis Perez RiveraPosted by Marlis Perez Rivera, Mobile Initiatives Content Specialist


We’ll Sweep You Off Your Feet…and on to a Southwest Air Flight!

Military-Spouse-Appreciation-homepageMilitary Spouse Appreciation shouldn’t be a one day thing. That’s why we’re celebrating all month long! We’ve teamed up with Southwest Airlines to give seven lucky military spouses a pair of roundtrip tickets. That’s right, one military spouse from each of the seven uniformed services will win!

We know you have places to go and people to see. Maybe you were hoping to go home this summer to visit family or dreaming about a post-deployment getaway. Free plane tickets could make your dream a reality.

It’s easy to enter for a chance to win. Just download the MyMilitaryLife App and register using the promo code: SpouseLove. Already have the app on your phone? Great! Select promo code from the menu in the top left corner of your screen and enter SpouseLove.

The contest ends at midnight EDT May 31, 2014.Visit our website for contest rules and details.

michellePosted by Michelle Joyner, Mobile Initiatives Director