All the Feels: NMFA Surprises Unexpecting Military Spouse with Scholarship!

It’s not every day that NMFA gets to hand out one of our coveted scholarships to a deserving military spouse face-to-face, but last week we got to do it twice!

NMFA joined Military One Click at their MilSpouseFest Fort Campbell event last week to present our More Than a Spouse segment to over 400 military spouses! The event featured a daytime session and Military One Click also hosted their first-ever evening MilSpouseFest!

NMFA pulled a raffle ticket at the end of each event and the lucky military spouse with the matching number was called to the front of the ballroom in front of all her peers. After explaining that NMFA offers military spouse scholarships for college, licensure, career funding or starting a business, each spouse was informed that they would be receiving a $1000 scholarship.

Over 200 military spouses at each session gasped and cheered for the two scholarship winners: Army spouses Heather Gross and Samantha Cameron.

Heather (shown below), had been toying with the idea of going to college. The mother of three has been waiting for the right time, and with a PCS on the horizon, wasn’t sure when the ‘right time’ would be. “I’ve been going back and forth about going back to school for a while, now. I started thinking about it more when my youngest child started Kindergarten”, said Heather. “But winning this NMFA scholarship confirmed it for me, and I’m so grateful. It was exactly the push I needed.”

NMFA has had the pleasure of awarding thousands of military spouse scholarships over the years, and we always get excited when our application period opens (like right now!). But we rarely get to see the look of joy on a military spouse’s face when they find out they’ve been selected. This time, thanks to MilSpouseFest2017, we get to replay this amazing moment over and over again – with all the feels!

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