I AM BATTLE COMIC Documentary Donates Sales to Military Families

I am an Army Brat and an Army Spouse. One of my first memories is waving goodbye to my father as he left for Viet Nam when I was four years old. I have said goodbye to my husband many times, as well. I know what it’s like to move and start all over. I know the feeling of joyous relief when you see your loved one come home after a long deployment. And I know how it feels, as a child, to worry about your parent when they’re gone and in harm’s way. I have also worried about my own children when they experienced the same anxiety about their father. I wouldn’t change anything about the way I grew up, the man I chose to marry, or giving our children a similar childhood.

It’s no surprise that I work for the National Military Family Association (NMFA), the organization that strives to improve the lives of military families. I work with staff and volunteers who have also experienced the challenges of military life. We know the value of our Operation Purple® Program, and our Military Spouse Scholarship program, but sometimes others don’t. That’s why I’m always amazed when I meet people who have not lived this life, but are so passionate about supporting service members and their families.

I had the privilege of meeting two of these passionate people at several showings of the documentary I AM BATTLE COMIC. Jordan Brady, the filmmaker of I AM BATTLE COMIC, and Slade Ham one of the comedians, are both in the documentary. And they are unwavering in their support and dedication to our service members. Not only do these comedians routinely (and willingly!) go in to war zones to entertain our troops and give them a much needed break from reality, they made a documentary about it! And they donated the money from the ticket sales to the National Military Family Association at special showings all over the country. They traveled to the showings and shared their experience with the audience. The world needs more people like Jordan, Slade, and the rest of the I AM BATTLE COMIC cast and crew.

The I AM BATTLE COMIC documentary is available to download now, and 50% of the sale price will go to NMFA!

You can see, firsthand, what it’s like to travel thousands of miles to show some love to our troops. You will hear their heartwarming stories and see the happy faces of our service members. And you will know what selfless service is from some great Americans!

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