Staying Inside This 4th of July? Beat The Heat With A Capitol Fourth!

The sun was blaring down. I was sweating from places I didn’t even know existed. I had my camera, my pen and an unbelievable crew of amazing content creators by my side. I was on a MISSION.

It’s not every day you get to meet a star-studded line-up like I did, but thanks to PBS I got the chance to hit up A Capitol 4th Concert rehearsal live and in living color!

So just a quick backstory, PBS has been hosting A Capitol 4th for 37 years, where they broadcast the concert live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. The parade of superstars that have graced this event in the past are some of the top performers from today AND yesterday, and this year is no exception!

Watch it live-stream here tonight at 8pm, or tune in to your local PBS station!

I wasted no time on my mission; to collect a few heartfelt messages for military families from the top-tier talent of our time! I made sure to present each person I spoke to with a token of appreciation and remembrance that we are the Land of the Free, BECAUSE of the Brave- a star from actual American Flags that have flown at various installations overseas.

Here are a few highlights of how it all went down:

First up? Grammy-nominated gospel ROCKSTAR, Yolanda Adams, who has such an adoration for our service members and their families!


Next up? Mark McGrath was blown away when he received his star, and said “MJ! This is the best thing anyone has ever given me!”.  He spoke about a time when his dad sent him to Camp Pendleton to attend a “Devil Pups” camp at the Marine Corps Base. He said he definitely got a small, SMALL glimpse into Marine Corps life! This all took place after he performed with the Beach Boys and special guest drummer/guitarist/actor John Stamos (aka ‘Uncle Jesse’) who was also hosting this event. Not gonna lie- being that close to both of them had the teenage fan-girl in me ‘geeking out’!


This was followed up by a HUGE hug from Mark (which I was all about of course), and this message to all of YOU!


Lastly, you simply MUST tune in for (my) favorite part of the show: THE ACTUAL BLUES BROTHERS!!!! Dan Aykroyd himself as Elwood and Jim Belushi, who took his brother John’s place as Jake, “Got the BAND back together” for Capitol 4th! Their rehearsal performance was full-out and they gave their all; just as the original Blues Brothers did! I couldn’t believe just how close I was to their artistic greatness and sang along, “I need you, you, YOU…” Unbelievable!


Ahhhhh, just like the old days!


It was an AMAZING opportunity to meet with some of these great performers of our time, but you there’s nothing on this planet that a blog post could do to show you how truly amazing the Capitol 4th Concert is. You HAVE to see it yourself!

So if you plan on avoiding the crowds and beating the heat this Independence Day, tune in to PBS TONIGHT, July 4th at 8:00pm EST!

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