NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski Donates $20,000 to Military Families

Do you know how important a pit stop is? I didn’t understand it’s importance until recently, when I was fortunate to have met two of NMFA’s newest donors, Brad and Paige Keselowski, at Dover International Speedway on June 3.

Brad Keselowski’s Checkered Flag Foundation presented NMFA with a $20,000 check to host an Operation Purple Healing Adventures® in North Carolina. The Foundation’s mission is to honor and assist those who have sacrificed greatly for our country. Their donation will provide an important ‘pit stop’ for military families of the wounded, ill, and injured at NMFA’s Operation Purple Healing Adventures.

After the check presentation, we watched the NASCAR Xfinity race, and the next day, we were Brad and Paige’s guests for the NASCAR Monster Energy race.During each of the races, the speed and energy of the race was amazing to see, hear, and feel, but I kept being drawn to what happened when a driver would pit for fuel, a tire change, or an adjustment to their vehicle. When a driver would exit the track and stop at their assigned pit stall, a whole team of people was waiting to provide assistance and support. Everyone had a job, a tool they were trained to use, a uniform, and a task they performed within a matter of seconds. After the pit stop was complete, the driver would exit pit road to resume the race, while the pit crew assessed their work and reset for the next task. NASCAR is absolutely a team sport.

In a way, what happens during a pit stop is what happens at one of NMFA’s Operation Purple Healing Adventures. We provide a place for families of the wounded, ill, and injured to receive a family ‘tune-up’ so they can continue to race toward their own goals. We have a team of people eagerly waiting to welcome families to camp. Our uniforms are our Operation Purple Camp shirts. There are activities in place to help military families build communication skills, resiliency, and have fun. All of these activities help families work together and remind them they are strong, capable, and whole, no matter what kind of a wound, injury, or illness they face. Military Family Life Counselors are available to talk to or listen if someone needs to sort out their feelings or gain a different viewpoint. The whole weekend is a fun pit stop for families. Operation Purple Healing Adventures help families heal and rejoin the race of life as a family.

Thanks so much to Brad and Paige Keselowski for joining NMFA in supporting military families!

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