Military Kids Need a “Tribe,” Too! Here’s Where They Find It.

After 11 years as military spouse and 8 years as a military mom, I’ve learned to make it through deployments, duty stations, and crazy transitions. But it wasn’t until our daughter became school-aged that I realized this transient life could sometimes make her feel different from everyone else. When she went to two schools for kindergarten alone and was the only “new kid” in her first grade class, it hit me that making sure she had a strong community was just as important as making sure my husband and I did.

My daughter isn’t alone in needing, and benefiting from, that sense of community. Military-connected children everywhere need that ‘tribe,’ too.

And Operation Purple® Camp (OPC) is the perfect place for your military kid to find their tribe!

OPC is a free, fun-filled week hosted at campsites across the country. But more than that, from a military mom’s perspective, it’s a week of celebrating that military kids serve, too. And it’s a few days where they just get to be kids with other kids who are just like them. They share in the experience of weathering the storms of transition, combat tours, lengthy separations, and multiple moves. They find others who know the feeling of being ‘the new kid’ at school.

At OPC, children just like mine make friends that last a lifetime. They come to the realization that their unique life is experienced by other kids, too, and learn that making new memories and building confidence can be done while rowing a canoe, flying across a zip line, navigating an obstacle course, and sitting around a bonfire with newly made friends.

As the long, warm days of summer approach and military parents everywhere seek opportunities for their children to build confidence while having some fun–without having to open their wallet or break out their Apple Pay–Operation Purple Camps is a must. It’s proven program has been making a difference in the lives of military children for 13 years now, and I can’t wait for our daughter to experience it too!

Let this be the year you help your military child find their community–find an Operation Purple Camp near you and apply today!

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