NMFA joins Military One Click for FREE #MilSpouseFest2017

Whether you’re a seasoned spouse who’s been on the scene for a while, or a brand new spouse fresh from your honeymoon, you have GOT to go to MilSpouse Fest!

“What is MilSpouse Fest?” Well, for the last two years, Military One Click has been putting on this interactive military spouse event across the country, and this year has been the best yet. Their speakers are phenomenal, there is no ‘death by PowerPoint’ and best of all? You have the opportunity to walk away with new friends and some fantastic prizes! And it’s all FREE!!!

MilSpouse Fest is an amazing event that you do not want to miss, my friends. You’ll learn, laugh, and make connections you may have never thought possible. I don’t want to give it all away, but here’s a visual from their Camp Lejeune event of what you can expect when MilSpouse Fest comes to YOUR area.

It’s best to mention right off the bat that Military One Click has a ‘Babes in Arms’ policy. They understand moms and dads can’t always secure childcare for events like this, and sometimes our littlest troops need to come along. Sometimes they even get to join in the fun!

Judy Davis, The Direction Diva, was on hand to put a little perspective in our lives. Ever noticed how easy it is to find everything that is great about other people, and how difficult it is to say everything that is great about ourselves? Judy, who is an author and motivational speaker, points this phenomenon out in her segment called YOU, UNLEASHED. Each of the participants had to look in the mirror, answer questions pertaining to what they love about themselves and then write it down on the back of the mirror. We were definitely able to ‘see’ ourselves differently after this amazing activity.

USAA, who was the premier sponsor of MilSpouse Fest, gave a smashing rendition of the gameshow Family Feud, complete with a competition of the minds as it pertains to finances in military life. Who knew military spouses could be so competitive?

Armed Forces Insurance, another sponsor of the event, put a big twist on the family favorite ‘Game of Life.’ Each participant wore a tiny little crown to indicate their ‘character’ and the costume came complete with the cool little cars that can be found in the actual board game. Four teams navigated their way through the Game of ‘Military’ Life from that first PCS all the way to retirement. They learned about all of the bumps in the road and the insurance that we might need in the process.

NMFA was also invited to speak at MilSpouse Fest in our More Than a Spouse segment. NMFA was founded back in 1969 when a couple of military wives were sitting around their kitchen table. They were trying to figure out how to help their war-widowed friends keep the financial benefits they received because their service members passed away. They saw a problem and decided to address it, and they did it around the table. NMFA was born that day, and because those spouses wanted to advocate for their friends, they were able to help create legislation that is now known as the Survivor Benefits Plan.

The spouses who attended MilSpouse Fest were tasked with coming up with a solution to certain issues impacting the military community, and they were to do this as a TEAM around their tables…just like the founding mothers of NMFA. Many of them mentioned that it was motivating and they got great information from their fellow milspouses to actually start moving towards action in their advocacy efforts.

But again, don’t take my word for it! Head on over to Military One Click to reserve YOUR spot for the next MilSpouse Fest. If they aren’t coming to your area, you could always get in touch with them to see what can be worked out for their next tour….unless of course you want to plan a road trip!

If the event is full, go ahead and put your name on their waitlist. Life happens, and spots open occasionally because of that Take a chance and come out…FREE food, fun, prizes, information, laughter and new friends? Sign ME up!

Did you attend MilSpouse Fest? Tell us about your experience!


Thanks to Winegeart Photography for the awesome photos!

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