Could You Go a Month Drinking Coffee at Home? Here’s a Good Reason You Should.

One non-fat latte with soy milk.

One large frappuccino with extra whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Two decaf coffees, black.

Coffee orders can be complicated. So can military life. Especially if you’re a kid.

To celebrate the Month of the Military Child, we’re challenging America to skip the coffee shop on the way to work and enjoy their cup of joe at home. Instead, use that $5 a day, or almost $200 a month to show a military kid just how special they are. We’ve even asked coffee shops around the country to join in our #CoffeeForCampers movement and donate part of their proceeds to the effort!

If you think going without a cup of coffee is tough, think about the issues military kids experience: multiple moves, long deployments, change in schools, difficulty making new friends. At NMFA, we know that when a military member serves, their whole family does, too. To support these kids, NMFA created Operation Purple Camps.

The cost of your monthly coffee will help the child of a military member cope with their parent’s military service and deployment. Help a child participate in our Operation Purple Camp.

At these camps military kid learn to cope with a parent’s military service and deployment. The best part? They spend the week with other military kids who just get it. When a military kid attends Operation Purple Camp, they thrive in an environment with fully trained counselors and camp staff experienced in helping children adapt and overcome the stressors of military life.

Giving up your coffee during the month of April can help send a military child to Operation Purple Camp, or enhance their experience in a number of ways.

Will you join us in a month of #CoffeeForCampers and donate your daily coffee money to our amazing military kids?

To make it a little more fun, snap a selfie with your favorite coffee mug and share it on social media to get the word out! Use the hashtag #CoffeeForCampers and make sure to tag NMFA so we can share it!

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