A “Retro” Fun Adventure That Won’t Break the Bank!

With Army life, we are on the move every few years. My husband and I have moved about a million times. Well, not a million, but it sure feels like it. I often think of the moves as new getaways for my family. We were fortunate to live in Europe for eight years, and we loved every minute. We felt very lucky to travel with the help of the USO and MWR. When we moved back to the states, we lived in Fort Hood, Texas. Texas was new to my family, so we traveled all over–including my new favorite, San Antonio. I love the history, the city, and the Riverwalk!

We now live in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. It is beautiful and “home-y.”  I love that we are a few hours away from several places on my bucket list.

We love to get out and explore our new home. I always encourage friends and neighbors to get out and explore, too. The number one reason people do not want to go out is money. And believe me, I get it! I am a homemaker, just like many in my community, and I try to find ways to get out and still stay on our budget.

From Texas to Kansas, my favorite thing to do is go to the drive-in. (Yes, they still exist!) This retro-fun activity is, by far, the best part of my weekend. In Kansas’ summertime, I recommend the Boulevard Drive-in! You can stay on budget while treating the family to a night out.

I have to be honest, I am cheap. I don’t want to pay $15-$20 for a single ticket to see a movie! NO THANK YOU! My husband, daughter, and I load up the car with snacks, drinks, chairs, blankets, pillows, and whatever else we need for the evening, and drive the 35 miles from our house to Kansas City for the Boulevard Drive-in Theatre. During our visits, they played two brand new features–which is common. Drive-in’s don’t always play the ‘old school’ films. They get new ones, too!

As my daughter, Chloe, slept in my arms and the soft summer breeze was blowing through my hair, I thought to myself, “It doesn’t get better than this!”

This is what family is about. When it comes down to it, these memories of visiting the Boulevard Drive-in will always stay with me. The music, original commercials, and the atmosphere help create a setting of simpler times. And we didn’t have to break the bank to create a few new memories together.

Has your family ever taken an adventure to the drive-in movies? Tell us about it!

Posted by Jessica Richardson, National Military Family Association Volunteer, Fort Leavenworth, KS

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