Don’t Forget Your Happy Thoughts: 7 Ways to Bring Positivity into Your Life

Military families are well-versed on sacrifice. We understand being confronted with hard times. It’s almost normalized among our communities. The entire family serves when a military member serves because of the countless contributions and sacrifices.

This past year was difficult for me. I found myself struggling to find positivity. I would look at social media and read something negative, watch the news and see the tragic events, and feel the stresses in my personal life. I hear the worries that so many confess about the new year.

All your dreams may not come true this year, but that doesn’t mean your nightmares will. I pray and hope you all find strength, love, and hope every moment you need it. If you find yourself struggling for some positivity in 2017, I hope this list will help navigate you away from negative thoughts.


Here are some ideas to bring positivity into your 2017:

  • Help Others. When a situation arises to help someone, make sure to help them. Hold the door for someone. Raise money or goods for charities. Ask someone about their day or lend your ear to someone that needs to vent. Maybe helping someone else will help you, too.
  • Be Kind. A small amount of kindness could mean the world to someone. Spend more time complimenting others instead of criticizing them. Let go of judgment, and seek to understand others instead of judging them.
  • Pursue Goals. Find your passion. Set goals and go for them. Don’t hold off on something you can do today. This is the year that you make it happen! If you want something in life, you need to go for it. You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t even attempt it.
  • Appreciate Life. There is so much breathtaking beauty and majesty in the world, don’t allow pain and heartache to destroy that for you. You may get knocked down, but you will get up (yes, this is a Chumbawamba reference). Military families may bend, but they never break! They’re strong and brave (don’t forget it).
  • Find Your Happy Place. Nature is full of happy places, in my opinion. Hiking to a waterfall, laying in a grassy field, or looking at the sun and feeling its warmth on my skin are examples of nature sending me to my happy place. These may not be suitable spaces for you, and that is fine. Find a place that works for you. Test a few out. You can have more than one location. Take some time to clear your mind and focus your energy on positive thinking and seek happy thoughts.
  • Technology Timeouts. Don’t forget to experience life. The amount of technology we have access to today is fantastic in many aspects, but it shouldn’t consume your life.
  • Have FUN! Enjoy moments and create memories. Smile and laugh, as much as possible this year.

I hope everyone shares love and empathy toward others. I believe we can all speak in terms of hope, and remember our actions and words can influence and inspire the next generation. Let us follow our hearts and not forget our happy thoughts.

What positivity are you bringing into the new year? Share it with us!

blair-c-headshotPosted by Blair Coleman, military spouse and NMFA Volunteer

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