Is Volunteering on Your New Year’s Resolutions List?

Ah, the holidays. Parties, gifts, food, and friends. It’s the season of giving and goodwill. And then there are New Year resolutions–read more, exercise more, and try to get eight hours of sleep a night.

But is volunteering on your resolution list?

What?! As military spouses, our lives ebb and flow with change. We’re “Semper Gumby” even when we don’t want to be. We give to our families, the military, and everyone else who needs a piece of us every day. The last thing to put on our list is giving more time to others.

But did you know volunteering to help others is actually good for YOUR health?


If I can be healthier and not have to hit the gym as often, I’m already happier!  Studies show that helping others makes us feel better. A 2013 report showed volunteering helps you feel less stressed, more engaged, and connected to your community.

Volunteering really does make a difference. It makes a difference for you and your health. It makes a difference to those who you’ve served. And it makes a difference in the lives of the people who you directly touched.

So this holiday, please consider adding volunteering to your New Year’s resolution list. Need help finding somewhere to volunteer? Well, there’s NMFA! And if you’re looking for something the whole family can do, check out your local volunteer program or resources like generationOn and VolunteerMatch.

Get healthy in 2017! Volunteer!

christinaPosted by Christina Jumper, Volunteer & Community Outreach Director

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