There’s No Place Like Home: Military Edition! [And a GIVEAWAY!]

If you’re one of the lucky ones who are PCSing during the holidays, we salute you and we’re glad it’s not us! If you’re staying put, but are having trouble getting into the holiday spirit because of other challenges—like a deployed loved one—we have a few tips to make your home a cozy and welcoming space that’s perfect for the holidays, and beyond.

Make it personalized.
Some on-post housing won’t allow you to paint rooms, or make other big changes to make your home feel more yours. But you can easily personalize your space to give it a warm, inviting, and lived-in vibe. Frame your kids’ artwork (we know you keep it all) or those love letters from boot camp for an extra special touch. For the holidays, easy-to-create garland, or DIY candy cane wreaths will bring the Christmas spirit to any room…unless you let the kids use glitter—then the Christmas spirit will be in all rooms…forever.

Make it smell good.
We’ve all been there: a new house with a smell that we didn’t bring with us. Lingering animal dander, or the charming smell of an old home leave us catching our breath and opening the nearest window. That’s where the Venta Airwasher comes in. It’s a one-of-a-kind 2-in-1 humidifier and purifier that cleans the air in any room, leaving behind crisp, healthy, and breathable air for your family. Throw in some essential oils, like their Winter Dream Aromatherapy, and let cinnamon and citrus fill the air and cozy up your home for the holidays. Even pet odors are no match for the Airwasher–my dog loves the cool air it puts out!


Make it organized.
Cleaning and purging before or after a move is common for most military families. In fact, when it comes to organizing, military families probably take the cake. So it’s no wonder our homes feel the most ‘homey’ when everything is finally unpacked and the last box is on the curb. Hit up Pinterest for some new ways to organize your space—after all, your home is a living space, not a storage space! While you’re unpacking the holiday decorations, throw out or donate what you can live without, and think about buying clear bins or wreath storage boxes to make storage a breeze.

Make it stress-free.
Military life is stressful enough, and most military families will agree that their house is a sacred, safe place where they try to leave the stresses of work and the military at the door. Creating a space that is clean, healthy, and comfortable is essential to stress-free home. We know the stress that comes with sickness, interrupted sleep, and even anxiety or other mental health issues. The Venta Airwasher is the perfect solution to all of these stressors. It keeps allergens at bay, catches bacteria before you do, adds moisture into the air for optimal breathing, and with the optional 100% all-natural Aromatherapy oils, will help sooth restless sleepers and calm anxiety.


Moving to a new house every 3-4 years is nothing new in the military lifestyle. The tough part comes after the move: settling in and making a house a home. And our friends at Venta want to help you do just that. NMFA and Venta are teaming up to give one military family their own Airwasher system, complete with a bottle of Water Treatment Additive, a bottle of Venta Cleaner, and a 3-pack of Venta Aromatherapy of the winner’s choice.

Enter to win December 12, 2016-December 16th

Don’t feel like entering, but want your own Airwasher? To show their appreciation and support of military families, Venta is giving military families a 20% discount on any size or number of Airwashers purchased. This discount will run Monday, December 12th-Wednesday, December 21th at 11:59pm EST. Use this code at checkout: nmfa2016.

To check out more tips on how to make your military home the perfect retreat no matter the circumstance, visit Venta’s blog post or check them out on Facebook!

How do you make your home cozy and inviting at the holidays?

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