The Magic of Operation Purple Camp

I’m not what you’d call an “outdoorsy person.” Hailing from the armpit of the country (Florida), I’ll do some water sports, but mostly live and die by good AC. So it’s a wonder I didn’t think spending a week camping in Tennessee might be my undoing until I was on the plane.

Prior to my flight, the idea of spending time with military kids and seeing our Association’s vision in action outweighed any doubts. Cue Camp Widjiwagan, which is just outside of Nashville. The site for this Operation Purple® Camp reminded me of the residential summer camp from The Parent Trap.


We spent a ton of time in humidity that might rival the Sunshine State’s but camp was everything a child could want (it even had AC). From The Blob in Heavy Weights, to zip lining, and a pretty fabulous water slide situation. Camp itself was phenomenal, but what was most interesting to me was how much these kids are able to completely let go.

About 100 Operation Purple campers came from all walks of military life— kids of veterans and active duty. The kids were instantly connected through those affiliations, but spent their week at camp being just kids. There were awkward teen moments, crushes and even a breakup or two.

I spent most of my time with the Operation Purple group of 11 to 16 year old girls. I think one of their counselors, Ronni, put it best when she told me that even though the girls followed orders better than any of her other campers this summer, she knew what they really wanted from this experience was to feel normal. Away from thoughts of deployments, PCS’s and screens, they thrived, relishing one last taste of everything summer should be.


I didn’t get to be as unplugged as I wanted, but this city girl might have gone through a transformation of her own. I did check work emails and dragged my camera all through the woods. But I also pet two adorable baby pigs, hung out with donkeys, goats and horses and saw wild turtles and deer while running paths in the woods.

These things are unremarkable for most people, but refreshing for me, and absolute magic for all of the military kids involved. And in the end, that is exactly what the camp experience we’re able to offer these kids…absolute magic.

Would your military child love a week at Operation Purple Camp? Check out the locations around the US!

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