Super Tuesday: What is It and Why Should Military Families Care?

Today marks the single biggest day in the 2016 Presidential Election process – other than the official Election Day, of course. It’s Super Tuesday.

What’s so super about Super Tuesday?

Good question, I’m glad you asked.

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Super Tuesday is the day when multiple states (and one territory) hold primary elections in order for parties to vote for their nomination in the upcoming Presidential election. Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will hold voting for both Republicans and Democrats. In Alaska, Republicans will hold caucuses, and in Colorado, Democrats will hold their caucuses. And if you didn’t know, American Samoa, a territory in the South Pacific will also hold a Democratic primary election on Super Tuesday.

That’s a lot of information. I don’t know if I feel like voting.

As a military family, you have a big voice and an even bigger impact in nominating our next President. Your vote matters, and your vote counts, even though this isn’t the official Presidential Election Day! Super Tuesday, and the subsequent caucus days that follow are critical to determining which candidates will be at the finish line come Election Day, on November 4th. Your vote will tell the candidates, “Hey, I think you’ll do great things for our country and my military family, I’d like to see you in office,” or “Wow, you really don’t seem to promise much to support our troops and their families, I don’t want you to be the next President.”

If you live in the state in which you’re registered to vote, take advantage of your American right, and cast your vote!

I didn’t get an absentee ballot in time. What do I do now?

We know the window to get absentee ballots has passed, but don’t let that stop you from taking the steps to request a ballot for the upcoming State Primaries and the Presidential election. Each state has different time frames for registering, requesting ballots, and returning ballots to be counted in these polls. Check out the Federal Voting Assistance Program and select the state where you’re registered to vote from the drop-down bar in the red square at the top left of the page (where it says “Military and Overseas Citizens start the voting process”). Here, you’ll find the deadlines and dates to remember for future voting.

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What if I’m not registered yet? I’m from Oklahoma and I live in Virginia. Where do I register?

As a military member or military dependent, you have the choice to register for voting in your home state of residence, or the state where you’re physically residing. If you register in the state you’re stationed in, and it’s not your home state of residence, you’ll need to update your registration in the next state you move to. If you’re stationed overseas, your voting rights are covered! You’ll follow the guidelines set out by the state where you’re registered to vote.

Voting in a Presidential election is your privilege and right as an American citizen, we encourage you to take part and help change the future for your military family, and the families of the future force.

Are you planning to vote this year? Tell us why it’s important to you!

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