Ready, Set, GO! A New Mom’s Journey to Finish an Olympic Triathlon

After having a baby, many women set goals to eat healthier and walk to lose their baby weight, and are happy if they can get back to their pre-baby weight. Not me. I set a goal to train for my first Olympic Triathlon while at my heaviest weight and least-fit time in my life. Being a military mom means putting your kids before yourself, but finding a balance is the biggest key to staying sane and getting results. I gained a total of 40 pounds during my pregnancy and I’m still working on the last five pounds! More importantly, I want to be stronger–inside and out.


So why sign up for an Olympic Triathlon?

It has been on my bucket list, and I wanted to find something that gave me a reason to train, be disciplined, and take my fitness to the next level. My sister and I have signed up for “Escape the Cape” Olympic Triathlon in Cape May, New Jersey on June 12, 2016. Living in Michigan, many people ask us why we chose that race; the reason: the scenery! If I am going to do this, I want it to be beautiful. What’s better then the ocean, beach, and the glorious vineyards. I have a great support system and a lot of accountability to get me through the winter and across the finish line! My goal is to not only finish, but be in the top 10 of my age group.

As a personal trainer, Coast Guard wife, and avid mountain biker, it was quite the mental battle getting back into a fitness regimen after having a c-section. It took me five weeks to get back on my bike, and that first ride was a scary one! I went for my first run about two weeks later. Swimming? Let’s just say I am not a swimmer! I just recently got a swim coach and am excited to share some of the drills and training tips I learn. I want to be a great and efficient swimmer. This (like many others) is my weakness. I also just bought a Cannonade CAAD10 road bike and have been putting in some miles on my trainer already. Michigan has been kind to us this winter so far, so getting outside for a run hasn’t been an issue. At the moment I am just focusing on strengthening my foundation and building my base so I am at my peak performance on race day.


I am looking forward to updating you on my progress, sharing some of my workouts and tips, and filling you in on my race day experience and results!

Have you ever set a big goal for yourself? Did you achieve it?

Posted by Alicia Phillips, Coast Guard spouse and owner of apFitness

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