Raising my Military Kids: Does the Worrying Ever Stop?

liz-larsen-and-familyIt’s been a few days since our son Jake, and daughter Grace, left to go back to school and my house is completely silent. We had a busy Thanksgiving holiday filled with lots of food and football! I still can’t believe both of our children are in college.

I can’t help but think about the young adults they have become, and how I worried about them as they were growing up. If you have kids, you worry, stress over, and second guess every decision you make on their behalf. For me raising my military kids, it was even worse!

I worried about all of the PCS moves and new schools they’d attend. Jake moved with us (in utero) three times before finally being born at Fort Polk! I worried about all of the deployments their dad went on, and how that would affect the kids not having him around. I worried about not having extended family close by.

larsen-kidsAnd the schools! Are they going to be behind at the new school? Will they fit in? Make new friends? Jake attended six different schools and Grace attended five. I wondered if they’d end up hating us for dragging them away from old friends. The worrying never stops. My husband, Jay, and I joked about what our kids would complain to their future therapist about! We’ve given them plenty of material!

But it hit me this morning; I would not change anything about the way they were raised. I am proud of my military brats! They are far more mature and responsible than most of their peers. They are comfortable speaking to anyone, and have respect for everyone they meet. They have a great prospective on life at their young age because they have learned what is truly important.

Adjusting to college life was easy for these two. They have great friends, are making good grades, and are both in leadership positions on campus. I can’t think of anyone more prepared to go off to college, and face life than my military kids!

Liz-LarsenPosted by Liz Larsen, Volunteer Services Coordinator, West Region


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    I’m a middle aged adult military kid. I can tell you that i wouldn’t trade my upbringing for anything. It had its own set of challenges, no doubt. Nonetheless, these challenges only better prepared me for adulthood. I am much more cultured, adventurous, and more adaptable to change than my civilian counterparts.

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    Jeri Rohus

    As an Air Force BRAT that moved every 2 years I absolutely loved moving on to new adventures, new cultures, new people and places. I have thanked my parents many times for my wonderful childhood! I’m betting you’re children feel the same way!

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    I am an Army Brat and I can, with certainty, tell you that I would not change a thing about my childhood. I didn’t always feel that way while growing up and having to say “good-bye” to friends yet again. The experiences I had molded me into a strong and independent person. I knew the value of family and respect for others. Maybe if all the world were “military brats”, the world would be a better place.

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