A Toast to Temporary: It’s Who We Are

rohe-famThe other day, I was at Dollar General picking up balloons for my kids’ “Boohoo Woohoo” tea, a yearly way of saying farewell summer, hello new school year, held on the first day of school. As I waited to have 8 blue stars and 8 white stars filled with helium, my heart started racing, I began to sweat, and I couldn’t catch my breath.

“I’m sick of temporary,” I thought.

I don’t know what school colors my children will have when they reach high school. I have no idea what their mascot will be. Will they ever even talk to anyone they had in their kindergarten class? I grew up in a small town where your school colors and mascot were the same from kindergarten all the way through your senior year. Our parents ordered a larger size for spirit wear because they wanted it to last a few years. Now, as a military family, I question even ordering spirit wear knowing it will only be worn for the next 6 weeks while my child is actually playing on that team.

Temporary. I don’t want to accept temporary anymore. I want to establish roots. I’m tired of looking around this house and accepting its flaws because it’s only temporary. I’m saddened when I think about my friends here – there’s only two options ahead: they’ll move first, or I’ll move away, leaving them behind. I don’t want my kids to have to try out for a new team next year. I don’t want to have to find a new running partner.

Then something crazy happened.

My husband planned a fancy dinner at home for our anniversary. He is an amazing cook and prepared a fabulous seafood feast. He put a bottle of wine in my hand and told me to read the description. The wine, called Gnarly Head, states, “Here’s to the vines, and to a life lived boldly. These heroic vines, produce intense fruit flavors and deeply concentrated wine-matched only by the passion of the people who drink them.”

And there it is! US! Living life boldly, with a passion for our country.

Temporary is who we are.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with things feeling temporary? How do you see the bright side?

Lyndy-RohePosted by Lyndy Rohe, Communications Administrative Assistant


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    Antoinette Wilson

    Well put! Though we are not a military family, we hate temporary too. Friends relocate and it is hard for my children. This year was especially hard because 12 families relocated,. You question getting invested in relationships. I thank God for technology that we can Skype, facetime, e-mail, facebook, etc. It makes the distance seem smaller. Thanks fro letting us see that it is hard on both sides of the fence. God bless you and your family for your dedication and sacrifice to our country.

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    Love it. We are temporary too. Lots of moves, lots of spirit wear of schools attended for only one semester, lots of temporary. As military families we are rooted in our dedication and sacrifice supporting our military spouses. And those roots spread with every temporary move we’ve made. Our roots extend throughout the United States and across several continents and I can only think, “How cool is that!” Very nice post!

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    Margie Jacobs

    I completely understand what you are saying. It was very hard on our children to move every three years (although our daughter did get her 9th-12th grade years in the same place thanks to my husband making that career sacrifice for her). I watch as they have become adults and see that they wish they had the ties to friends and home towns….. They are attached to military brats and vagabonds themselves. And they served too. (not careers, however). However, I also see that they are far more worldly than many of the other young adults who have never had the chance to experience life as ours have. It’s not necessarily “better” but it’s also not bad.
    As for me – well, “we’ve” been out of uniform for 14 years now and are ready to hit the road again. The house is for sale and what possessions we will be keeping will be wrapped and stored. Since we were Navy, we’re now ready to “see the middle” of the country. We’re both under 60 (barely) and cannot wait to get on the road with our two dogs and camper. Making new friends- visiting those military friends we haven’t seen for years- seeing new places – learning the history – drinking the wine – living life as it was meant to be. One of these days, we may figure out where we want to unpack permanently…. but in the mean time our “spirit wear” will just have to be Red, White and Blue.

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