Raising Military Kids: How Do I Know If I’m Getting It Right?

The-author's-pretty-normal-kidsI chuckle at the saying, “Behind every successful kid is a mother who thinks she is doing everything wrong.” My inner voice is thrilled someone else knows how I feel! Raising kids is a challenge. I know. I have two willful boys who challenge me every day. Raising kids in the military is an even bigger challenge.

Things are just different. As each of my boys reach different milestones and try new things, I’m always wondering, is this normal? Swapping stories with my nonmilitary friends, while often entertaining, doesn’t normally reassure me. Our kids don’t have the same experiences.

That’s why I really like what we’re doing with the MyMilitaryLife app. It’s the What to Expect When Raising Military Kids.

When your spouse is deployed, do you wonder if your child’s meltdown is because of the deployment, or the Xbox? In the app, you are connected with sites that help explain the emotions our kids are feeling. Did you move over the summer and want to plug your kids into some recreational activities? That’s in the app, too. What about getting them engaged in their new school? That’s a big one for me. Fortunately, information about changing schools is in the app!

Additionally, the comments and rating system allows other military spouses to share their experiences with the recommended programs, and help point me in the right direction. For example, an Air Force spouse posted this about Tutor.com, “Tutor.com is EXCELLENT! !! This is definitely a go-to if you, the parent, can’t help your child with school. Best of all, it’s free!!”

My military family is retired now, and the changes are fewer and farther between. These days, I watch my brother’s family cope with the challenges of military parenting as he advances in his Army career. So, I downloaded the app to his phone and said. “Trust me, it’s in there.”

Download the MyMilitaryLife app today and tell us what you think!

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    Colonel Patricia Halsey-Munroe

    When I started working (as a JAG) my sisters-in-law, who were unhappy with their lives, tried to make me feel guilty about working. Luckily for me, other lawyer-moms told me to not feel guilty, if I was enjoying my work, & loving & caring for my sons. That part of my family have not done well with their children. One of their sons died of alcoholism at age 28 yrs. While my sons are healthy, happy professionals. Eldest son married a lawyer, like his Mom! My message is, that at least one healthy & happy parent who is involved with their children, can keep those children on a healthy course. Don’t let the world make you feel guilty. Enjoy your children!

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    s. anderson

    Raising children while your spouse is in the military can be trying but at the same time very rewarding. My husband and I lived overseas in 2 foreign countries with our boys. It certainly was a learning experience but one I would never trade. My kids got to experience what it is like to live in a different country, the food, their customs and even school. Things that they would never have gotten to experience if they had lived in the same spot. Yes it was difficult making friends and then having to leave in a few years but I believe it made us appreciate things a lot more. Our boys are very open minded and try to instill that in their own kids. Plus they have a lot of good memories of other people and their lands. They are both grown and have become very good young men.

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