Military Spouses Take Action: Volunteer with us!

The power of volunteeringHooray! 2014 is here! For some, a new year means taking things OFF of their busy plates. For others, the more they can pile on, the better! In either case, there’s never been a better time to  volunteer and do something that makes a difference. It might be helping out at the animal shelter, local food bank, or taking on the troop leader position. But I have one more that I’d like you to think about: volunteer with the National Military Family Association.

Just think about it. In 2013, your family was affected by sequestration, benefits cuts, and lower pay raises. Threats to programs, services, benefits, or opportunities for military families continue everyday. So, being an advocate for your military family is something you already do. But volunteering with the National Military Family Association allows you to  help all military families.

You can be the voice of your local military community. You can help create change. Here are five great reasons why you should choose us.

  • We offer you a mentor. From the first day you are appointed, you will have your own personal mentor, called a regional Coordinator. Your Coordinator is a trained volunteer manager and a military spouse! Together, you will create your personal volunteer experience. Have a talent or professional skill to share? We’ll find a way to help you utilize your knowledge.
  • We provide you with online training opportunities. Yes, we have a robust online training program for you. Numerous webinars, resources, supplies, publications, and a direct link to our subject matter experts.
  • We offer opportunities to network with other Volunteers. We have a closed LinkedIn group for all of our Volunteers to connect together. Ask questions, share ideas, or just find out what others think about their volunteer experience.
  • We offer opportunities for internal scholarships, internships, and jobs that are ONLY available to our Volunteers! We give a $1,000 scholarship to one Volunteer each year (Julia Abrams Scholarship). We offer a six-month internship with a small stipend (Sydney Talley Hickey Internship). Looking for a job? This is a great place to work! Some jobs require you to live local to the DC area; however we have several remote positions available too. We have employed people who lived in Italy, Hawaii, Texas, Alaska, North Carolina, Florida, California, and Illinois!
  • We have a 45 year history of successfully advocating on behalf of military families. Since 1969, we have been fighting for benefits to strengthen and protect military families. Beginning with the Survivor Benefit Plan, we know how to work with our Nation’s and Service leaders. We provide scholarships to speed the path to employment. For 10 years we have helped ease the pain of deployment and reintegration with families and kids. We have funded research to support what your needs are and what programs are valuable.

By volunteering, with the National Military Family Association you are part of a tradition of volunteers who knew they could make a difference!

Come join us in making a difference for your family, and other military families!

christinaPosted by Christina Jumper, Volunteer Services Director


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    The duty of a military is to serve the nation. Wives of armies are left alone at home. Volunteering indeed help them in filling the void in their life. They enjoy serving the society & people in need. They have very good & memorable moments while doing welfare works. Leisure times of housewives are utilized in a proper way to do something good for humanity. It’s a nice praiseworthy effort.

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