Time to #EndSequestration: The yellow ribbon is unraveling

yellow-ribbon-tree-blog“I tried to schedule my son’s 2-month well-baby exam this morning and they won’t be able to see him until he’s almost 3 months old. His clinic is closed on Fridays now due to the Furlough so if either of my two children or I get sick on a Friday, we will have to go to the ER to be seen. As a patient, this makes me feel unimportant – insignificant.”  Military Spouse

“Sequestration is a mindless, irresponsible process. You know it — I know it. And I’m hoping that our leaders in Washington will eventually get that and come to some policy resolution.”  Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, July 17, 2013

The time is NOW. You’re frustrated, we’re frustrated, even the Secretary of Defense is frustrated, and there is still no end in sight. No matter how many articles are written, interviews done, or blogs posted, Congress still isn’t stirring to do something about the budget cuts that are hurting military communities. The National Military Family Association says: “It’s time to #EndSequestration!” The only way we can accomplish this goal is for all of us to take a united stand.

So what can you do?

Don’t just tell us how sequestration and budget cuts have hurt your family, disrupted your community, and brought pain to your lives – show us! We’re asking every military family to send us pictures demonstrating the disruptions of sequestration. Send them to social@militaryfamily.org with a brief description and your location**.

Get creative! Find a way to tell us your sequestration story in a picture. Take and send us pictures of:

  • “Closed” or “reduced hours” signs at commissaries, clinics, or other installation facilities
  • Extra-long lines at installation gates
  • Unpaid bills because of furloughs
  • Military equipment in disrepair
  • Canceled school programs
  • Your family holding a sign that explains how sequestration has affected you

We believe our Nation’s leaders and ALL Americans need to understand what sequestration is doing to our military community. We will use your photos to create a photo book that we will hand deliver to each Member of Congress so they can see for themselves how their actions, or lack thereof, are hurting the military community. We’ll also post these photos on our website so others can see what you see every day in your community.

We’re proud that Military.com, SpouseBUZZ, Macho Spouse, and Military Partner and Families Coalition are partnering with us to show Congress the power of numbers. And we’ll be announcing the support of other organizations soon.

But, it starts with you: we need YOUR help to make sure the message is heard. Send us your pictures, but also tell everyone it’s time for the budget madness to stop. Please change your Facebook profile picture and/or cover photo to join the movement. Let’s show we are united. We may only be 1% of this Nation, but we protect what we hold dear. It’s time to make it clear where we stand on the broken promises.

The yellow ribbon is indeed unraveling.

Yellow Ribbon FB Cover2

It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to #EndSequestration!

How Are Military Families Doing? What Researchers Are Discovering.Posted by Joyce Wessel Raezer, Executive Director


**By submitting your photo, you agree that the National Military Family Association may use your submission, the language within, and any subsequent photos in any way including, but not limited to, publications, promotional brochures, promotions or showcase of programs on our website or social networks, showcase of activities in local and/or national newspapers or programming, and other similar lawful purposes.


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    C. Borden

    I have my own blog that I am also posting the pics I have taken on… and I will be linking to this blog. I am tired of the excuses. I am tired of leadership- within the ranks, and in the White House, and where ever else thinking this is okay, and using this as an excuse to cut us short. Its time for Commanders to take the reigns as well and BE HEARD on behalf of their troops and families. Its time for Civilians who have had thier hours, paychecks, and livelihoods cut short to stand up and SHOUT back! I cannot wait to vote this “regime” out of office, and I pray the next bunch of knuckleheads treat us better.

  2. 4
    sick of the complaining

    I feel so bad for Chuck Hagel. It seems that he has been put in charge to NOT defending our country, but rather making sure all military families are happy. WTF… you are complaining about long lines at the MTF, waiting at the installation gates, are you for real? What about those DOD employees ( Federal Agents, DEA etc) , who also risk their lives every day they have to take these furlough days and a cut in pay, so you see them on facebook, or #EndSequestration complaining about this.. they do what they can and also Make the sacrafic. What more do you want, do you want to pay more taxes, do you want our country at risk for another attack, I sure dont! If you have to wait in line at the commissary for an extra 5 mintues, SO WHAT!, show you patriotism, and give Mr. Hagel a break for once!

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      Branching Out: A blog by the National Military Family Association

      Sick of the Complaining: We appreciate your comment and that you are passionate how unfair it is to ALL Americans that are suffering because of the furloughs. This is something that ALL Americans should be frustrated with and want Congress to fix! For military families, it is much more serious than minor inconveniences. Families depend on so many of these “benefits” that are promised to them, and not having them impacts readiness, and ultimately, national security. We have some incredible stats on our website, (http://www.militaryfamily.org/speak-up/policy-issues/sequestration-facts.html), that might show you the real time devastation this is causing the military community.
      -National Military Family Association

    • 6

      You feel bad for Chuck Hagel…. Are you serious? How much more money is he making than you? Do you have ANY idea how much MORE money HE makes than MOST of our Military ranks? And YOU are sick of the complaining? Tell you what… You come onto any base and pick up the shovel, or push the mower that our CE guys have to now lug around in addition to their REGULAR jobs, because Civilian jobs have been cut in hours. ((and that is just ONE example… for EVERY single Civilian cut-back our Military forces are FORCED to work three times as hard to keep the mission going…)) You sit down and balance your family budget that was already tight, but is now even more tight because your benefits have been reduced. Our military makes less than minimum wage, and sequestration, while it does not YET affect wages, DOES affect everything that supplemented those wages so Military personnel and their families could take care of themselves. How much MORE patriotic do our Military families have to be for you? You expect them to just sit back and be run over by the sequestration steamroller driven by our so-called leaders in Washington? You expect them to NOT stand up and speak out? Frankly, I pity you for your lack of insight and empathy.

    • 7

      Thank you, thank you! I feel exactly the same way. The whining is sickening. The things I heard in line at the Commissary today were juvenile and shameful. It is hurtful to hear foul language and complaining about waiting a few minutes in line while my husband’s check is cut 20%. At the very least, don’t chew out the cashiers who are doing the best they can and also are having their pay cut. My husband is also a retiree, we’ve been around the block. It’s not like I don’t know what it’s like on the active duty side either. Again, thank you for your comment!

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    Kimberly Price

    I am not sure how to take a picture of this, but I work on the University of Kentucky Military Suicide and Bereavement Grant. We research the impact that military suicide has on survivors. The time frame of this important research has been nearly cut in half due to sequestration. In December we will loose funding and the research will stop, regardless of it’s current stage. This is important research intended to help understand what military survivors need.

  4. 10
    S. Miller

    Here at Fort Knox we have had to go to the ER twice because appointments weren’t avalible for not just on day but for three. I called on a Wednesday because my son had an infected cut, there were no appointments for the rest of the week and by Wednesday evening the cut had turned yellow and pus-filled. The other incident dealt with the aftermath of a tumble (not as severe, but still needed to be addressed). Our commissary here is now closed two days each week instead of one which means we’re either going out into the community or going with out. Finally our schools here are closed for five days, which should have been instructional days, due to sequestration.

  5. 12
    Frustrated Spending

    What frustrates me about the furlough days is that it is all smoke and mirrors in regards to saving any money. A General comes out to go flying with the boys on a furlough day ($10,000 in fuel) since the pilots are not affected by the furlough days, just the “Grease Monkeys” (what a pilot called the ground crew). The furloughed employees must come to work anyway. Were they paid? Yes. From a different budget and for less than their normal pay. This is just one example. Our family budget is $400.00 a check less each pay period. That’s $800.00 a month. We have a VA home loan that is now late and no one can help. I sure could have used that $10,000 fuel expense from the General’s joy ride. I can’t leave my real name because of the risk to my husbands job. If Mr. Hagel really feels bad then he can at least defer a couple months payments for VA loans for military families affected by the furlough days. That would include State VA loans, not just Federal.

  6. 13

    I am not military…just a grandma who goes to visit her daughter and grand kids a lot 3 hours away from my home when son in law is deployed. My biggest complaint…and I wrote the White House about this…was the closing of the visitor center on weekends and possibly evenings. I was hardly screened at all and allowed on base. The task was left to a couple of over work mp’s who were trying to keep traffic moving thought he gate while processing visitors. That sense of security was gone due to budget cuts, at a place I would would be a great target for terrorist. Shame on you for cutting the the low man on the totem poll….and ya all probably voted your selves a raise for doing such a good job saving money!

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