Becoming a Military Spouse: Words of advice

Becoming a military spouse: words of adviceIt’s finally wedding season (hurray for warmer weather!) and we thought it’d be nice to focus on one of the most pivotal moments for military families – the wedding day. For military spouses and service members alike, this is the beginning of a grand adventure. We’ve asked our staff members for words of advice to celebrate this occasion, along with a few fun pics to share.

Michelle-wedding-outsideChange is constant. Always have a back-up plan and be OK with the fact that you will probably have to use it.—Navy spouse

Get involved. Get to know the other spouses. Who knows, you might just meet your next best friend! –Army Spouse

cc-wedding-cut-cakeMarriage is, like a box of chocolates—a super deluxe, king size, assortment.—Army spouse

Bring a sense of humor to your military adventure. You never know where the journey will take you.—Marine Corps spouse

Remember, it’s not where you are, but who you’re with. Your next assignment Becoming a military spouse: words of advicecould be a hole in the wall, but if you make the best of the situation with those around you, it could be the best assignment you’ve ever had. Attitude is everything!—Air Force spouse

Try not to get overwhelmed by the new lingo full of acronyms and such. You have the rest of your military life to learn it all!—Army Spouse

Being married in to the military is such an Becoming a military spouse: words of adviceadventure. Get involved and take advantage of every opportunity you get!—Army spouse

Treat your friends like family. You may be thousands of miles from your closest relatives – but your friends and neighbors – they are your family, too. Embrace them.—Air Force spouse

It’s an honor to be a part of such a special community; focus on the positives and count your blessings.—Army spouse

If you’re newly married or soon-to-be married into the military, be sure to download our MyMilitaryLife App for more information on what to expect.

What do you wish you knew when you married into the military?

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    I am a proud military spouse of 19 years!! After 8 deployments I LOVE MY soldier and all he stands for!! The adventure and opportunities are not only for the soldiers to endure, but our families as well!! Be strong for yourself, your soldier, and your family, be committed to the journey, and embrace the opportunity to grow as a person!! Although a military spouse can be one most of the marriage, they are forever two in their hearts!! Enjoy the journey!

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    Cindi Bair

    Find someone to tell you the truth without all the sugar coating. While all the above advice is great and should be followed (I did all of those things), it makes it all seem so much easier than reality.Good chance you will expereince great amounts of disappointment and stress. Certainly be ready at any moment to surrender control over events in your life.

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    Lucy Bronder

    Hi, I am a very proud wife of my sailor, for 16yrs, like cindi says be true to your self don’t watch to much shows about military because either is all about glamorous or to much exaggeration on TV shows or movies. Please talk to someone who is living it. I sure did that, talked to our own grandmother who her husband was at war for one to two years at times and they were able to raise twelve children’s. So all comes down to commitments to each other ,loving your soldier, your children, your family and your country too. All will fit perfect in to a sea bag if there is true love. Please don’t forget to put God first always because you will need him most of the time when your soldier is away from home. I am overseas now and love the adventures so if you think you can handle adventures then you will make your family, country, and yourself proud.

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