Help Therapy Animals Heal Military Families Today!

therapy-dogs-webAnyone who has ever loved an animal knows how powerful and healing its presence can be.

Specially-trained therapy animals are a tremendous help to military families recovering from war and separation at our Operation Purple® camps and retreats. These families have sacrificed so much, and they struggle with uncertainty and other stress.

Therapy animals—including cuddly cats, loving dogs, gentle horses, and others—help military families break down barriers they can’t themselves. These nurturing animals provide a sense of calm for adults and kids often surrounded by stress. And they lend a feeling of “home.” They allow service members to reconnect, talk more openly about their fears and needs, and solidify fragile bonds with their spouses and children at our camps and retreats.

Please help more military families heal from the physical and emotional wounds of war through the comforting presence of therapy animals today. Donate now!

Has an animal or pet ever helped comfort you through a difficult time?


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    I’m a big advocate for service dogs for military veterans. It’s just one of those things that can provide so much support for anyone dealing with anxiety, not too mention PTSD. Great program!
    Supernaturalsoldier……”Feel the Love, Now Drop and Give Me 20 Push-Ups”!

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    I spent a lot of time working at a hospital 5-10 years ago and we had a Pet Therapy program that was so well-received by patients and staff. Smiles abound when dogs would enter patients’ rooms, young and old. It was just neat to see the reaction that loving pets bring to an otherwise gloomy setting.

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