Operation Appreciation 2012

Show military families you care at www.operationappreciation2012.com!It’s nice to be a part of something.

This year, we are proud partners with Operation Appreciation, a new, fun, and easy way to support our military families. At the time I write this, more than 38,000 people have signed Operation Appreciation’s pledge to thank military families during the holiday season. Actor Geoff Stults, along with dozens of athletes and celebrities have taken the pledge and signed on to support our cause to show military families just how much we appreciate them. Watch their messages of support here.

As the person at our Association responsible for rallying support for military families, this initiative is music to my ears. As a military spouse, the thanks are truly appreciated.

While it’s so important to recognize those in uniform, we must not forget the families that serve with them. When you consider all of the wives, husbands, kids, siblings, parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles affected, there are millions of people with an empty seat this holiday season—at the dinner table, at a school play, on the bleachers at a game, or sitting at home with their family.

Sometimes we struggle with how to acknowledge the sacrifices of military families in a meaningful way. What will make a difference? Operation Appreciation is a great place to start. Sign the pledge, share your own story, and learn about ways you can join the Operation Appreciation movement at www.OpApp2012.com.

So, do you have a favorite of the celeb support videos? I definitely have mine!

michellePosted  by Michelle Joyner, Communications Director at the
National Military Family Association

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