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Election’s Over and the Turkey Leftovers are Gone—Now Get to Work

In the aftermath of the November 6 election results, we posted a congratulatory message to re-elected President Obama and members of the new 113th Congress:

“Congratulations President Obama and members of the new 113th Congress. Our country faces challenging times and there is a lot of work to be done. We’ll make every effort to ensure our elected leaders honor the sacrifices of military families by providing them the Nation’s highest level of care and involvement. The National Military Family Association will continue to work with the President and members of Congress, as we have since 1969, to make sure caring for military families remains a priority.”

In that message, we wanted to emphasize our long history of working with administration officials and Congress. We also felt it important to point out that multiple, important tasks face our elected officials and military families expect these priorities to be addressed.

Our elected officials, starting with the lame duck 112th Congress that returned to town briefly before heading home for Thanksgiving, must work together to pass the FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, a tough task given that the Senate did not even bring its version to the floor before Congress recessed to campaign. They must pass a Defense Appropriations Act for FY 2013 rather than force DoD to continue operating under a Continuing Resolution.

Once again, they need to stop a looming payment cut to doctors who take Medicare and TRICARE so that military families don’t have to add whether their doctor will continue to care for them to their worry list.

And our leaders must decide what—if anything—they will do about the approaching Fiscal Cliff.

We are encouraged by the reported progress of post-election meetings between the President, administration officials, and Congressional leaders on addressing the tax and sequestration concerns that if unsolved will lead us off the Fiscal Cliff. Fixing these issues is part of all elected leaders’ job descriptions. When coming up with their solutions, we hope they remember:

  • Our Nation—and our military—are still fighting a war!!
  • Military families depend on both DoD and community safety nets: proposed sequestration cuts to schools and programs like WIC will affect military families, too!
  • Ending deadlock and addressing the issues our Nation faces in a collaborative way should not be regarded by our Nation’s leaders as just a nice campaign promise but an urgent call to action.
  • The national debt is a national security issue and sequestration only reduces that debt by less than 10%–solving the deficit issue will take sacrifice and commitment from all Americans.

Our Association will continue to listen to military families, respond to their questions and concerns, and be their voice to help our elected officials understand the issues most important to them. We offer ourselves as a resource for our Nation’s leaders and also pledge to help military families understand the complex issues facing our Nation.

What do you expect of our Nation’s leaders as they get back to work?

Posted by Joyce Raezer, Executive Director at the
National Military Family Association

Stand with those who stand for you: give a gift to military families

Remember in high school how nervous you felt the night before a huge exam? You studied until you were bleary eyed, sharpened four or five more pencils than you would actually use, and laid your outfit out so you could run out the door on time. The exam usually came and went quietly, leaving you wondering what all the fuss was about. But imagine if that period of uncertainty lasted indefinitely, with all of your nerves permanently jumbled in anticipation of the big day.

As the country has seen eleven years of war come and go, military families have remained in an extended state of suspense. It would be difficult to find an American that is completely unaware of the sacrifices service members and their families continually make on our behalf, but many might not understand that for military families, service is a round-the-clock job.

In order to spring into action on a moment’s notice, service members and their families must maintain a level of hyper-vigilance and preparedness that most people will never be asked to adopt. Whether deploying overseas, or participating in missions to deliver water, food, medicine, and care for victims of natural disasters, service members answer the call to action whenever and wherever they’re needed, continually leaving the comforts of home and families that support them.

The National Military Family Association is proud of the service, dedication, and determination of the military community, but we understand that the threat of constant separation or loss can be overwhelming. The Association strives to be part of the backbone that supports and provides relief for those constantly standing guard for us, and we want you to join us.

This holiday season, make a donation to support military families. Give in your own name, or as a tribute to family or friends instead or in addition to a gift!

Posted by Maranatha Bivens, Communications Editor at the
National Military Family Association

Introducing Branching Out

Welcome to the National Military Family Association’s new blog, Branching Out. We are excited to have a new way to connect with you!

As we work on launching this blog, we’re doing just what the name implies – branching out from our usual methods of communication to have a real conversation with you. But ‘branching out’ also reminds us of the military family tree and the wonderful way that we support each other and help each other grow.

This blog will be a place where we can talk about the hot topics of the day—breaking news, updates on issues we all care about, fun military family stories, volunteer highlights, donor spotlights, contests, and more. You name it – we want to blog about it!

But we can’t do it without your help. Tell us what you want to see on this blog – it’s your space! Email, Facebook, or tweet us with your feedback. Comment, start a discussion, or share a post with a friend. When Branching Out launches,  we want it to be your go-to military family blog!

Now that we’ve introduced Branching Out, we’d like to know a little about you. Tell us one or two of the following in a comment:

  • What is your military affiliation?
  • Are you a military spouse, partner, mom, dad, or sibling?
  • What branch of Service are you associated with?
  • What would you like to see in Branching Out in the future?

To stay up to date as we develop Branching Out, sign up for our monthly blog newsletter or subscribe to posts via email on the right.

Posted by Joyce Raezer, Executive Director at the
National Military Family Association