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Ordinary people change the world

OPCTWOur friends at Wholly Guacamole® teamed up with New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer to honor our “Wholly Heroes” – military families. The Wholly Guacamole team sold “Ordinary People Change the World” t-shirts and donated 100% of the money raised to our Operation Purple® program; camps specifically designed for military kids with deployed parents. Their donation of $50,000 will send 100 military kids to Operation Purple® camps in 2013.

“In the past, to mark National Guacamole Day, we’ve given customers coupons for Wholly Guacamole products, and we’ve been active in the world of social media. Recently, I came across Brad Meltzer’s “Hero” video, and the message really hit home,” said Tracey Altman, Vice President of Marketing for the Wholly Guacamole brand. She explained a desire to do something a little different to mark the occasion. “The concept that ordinary people can change the world is so simple and so true. We had the idea to take this concept and use this occasion as a day for our company to give back.

“Military spouses and kids are true heroes, and we want to thank them,” stated Altman.

The t-shirt art was designed by Brad Meltzer and his team at Ordinary People Change the World. Meltzer developed the website hoping to inspire people to make a difference. The idea of creating a movement of ordinary people who can change the world one day at a time came to him after his son was born.

“‘Ordinary People Change the World’ was created because I wanted more than sports figures and movies stars to be influencers in my kids’ lives,” Meltzer said. “I wanted to show them real heroes so they could be inspired. Teaming up with the folks at the Wholly Guacamole brand is a great way to show military kids that they do matter and you don’t have to wear a cape to be a super hero.”

Many thanks to our friends at Wholly Guacamole and Mr. Meltzer for recognizing that our military families are our heroes too – Wholly Heroes!

anniePosted by Annie Morgan, Development and Membership Deputy Director at the National Military Family Association

One last holiday gift

Last chance to donate for 2012 - your gift makes a difference!The wrapping paper is torn to shreds, your relatives have departed, and you couldn’t possibly eat another ham sandwich. The holiday season may be drawing to a close, but there are still gifts left to give this year!

As you kick your feet up and breathe a sigh of relief for another successful holiday season, you can put your weight behind a great cause without risking flashbacks of long lines and crowded shopping malls. Consider supporting the military families who stand watch as their loved ones miss holiday celebrations to deploy or participate in humanitarian missions for victims of natural disasters all over the world.

In addition, today is the last day to make your gift one that gives back— December 31st is the last day to make a charitable donation to be deductible on your next tax return.

Show your appreciation for the extraordinary efforts of service members and their families by standing with them and making a donation. Give in your own name or as a tribute to the important people in your life.

maranathaPosted by Maranatha Bivens, Communications Editor at the National Military Family Association

Operation Appreciation 2012

Show military families you care at www.operationappreciation2012.com!It’s nice to be a part of something.

This year, we are proud partners with Operation Appreciation, a new, fun, and easy way to support our military families. At the time I write this, more than 38,000 people have signed Operation Appreciation’s pledge to thank military families during the holiday season. Actor Geoff Stults, along with dozens of athletes and celebrities have taken the pledge and signed on to support our cause to show military families just how much we appreciate them. Watch their messages of support here.

As the person at our Association responsible for rallying support for military families, this initiative is music to my ears. As a military spouse, the thanks are truly appreciated.

While it’s so important to recognize those in uniform, we must not forget the families that serve with them. When you consider all of the wives, husbands, kids, siblings, parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles affected, there are millions of people with an empty seat this holiday season—at the dinner table, at a school play, on the bleachers at a game, or sitting at home with their family.

Sometimes we struggle with how to acknowledge the sacrifices of military families in a meaningful way. What will make a difference? Operation Appreciation is a great place to start. Sign the pledge, share your own story, and learn about ways you can join the Operation Appreciation movement at www.OpApp2012.com.

So, do you have a favorite of the celeb support videos? I definitely have mine!

michellePosted  by Michelle Joyner, Communications Director at the
National Military Family Association

Stand with those who stand for you: give a gift to military families

Remember in high school how nervous you felt the night before a huge exam? You studied until you were bleary eyed, sharpened four or five more pencils than you would actually use, and laid your outfit out so you could run out the door on time. The exam usually came and went quietly, leaving you wondering what all the fuss was about. But imagine if that period of uncertainty lasted indefinitely, with all of your nerves permanently jumbled in anticipation of the big day.

As the country has seen eleven years of war come and go, military families have remained in an extended state of suspense. It would be difficult to find an American that is completely unaware of the sacrifices service members and their families continually make on our behalf, but many might not understand that for military families, service is a round-the-clock job.

In order to spring into action on a moment’s notice, service members and their families must maintain a level of hyper-vigilance and preparedness that most people will never be asked to adopt. Whether deploying overseas, or participating in missions to deliver water, food, medicine, and care for victims of natural disasters, service members answer the call to action whenever and wherever they’re needed, continually leaving the comforts of home and families that support them.

The National Military Family Association is proud of the service, dedication, and determination of the military community, but we understand that the threat of constant separation or loss can be overwhelming. The Association strives to be part of the backbone that supports and provides relief for those constantly standing guard for us, and we want you to join us.

This holiday season, make a donation to support military families. Give in your own name, or as a tribute to family or friends instead or in addition to a gift!

Posted by Maranatha Bivens, Communications Editor at the
National Military Family Association